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Our STEAM classes use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as access points to inspire your children to savor joyful learning, while guiding them in inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.


AI Smart Piano Musical Literacy Course

iFunNote piano musical literacy courses include reading, sight-singing, listening, rhythm, music theory knowledge, piano playing, music appreciation, music creation, and other classes. They combine with AI smart devices and systems, the Orff Approach, and traditional piano teaching methods, cultivating children's comprehensive capabilities.

iFunNote is specially designed for kids 3 to 8-year-old, while they are in a period of rapid brain development, hearing development, and finger strength development.

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iFunNote has 64 lessons in 4 stages, including dozens of music games and activities, over 270 music theory knowledge techniques, 90 practice songs, and 32 music appreciation songs, guiding children's rhythm and subtly strengthening their hearing and musicality.

It breaks through the traditional one-on-one intense teaching mode, and utilizes a one-to-many mode. All students participating in the class create a happy and interactive atmosphere to learn together. 

iFunNote Video

iFunNote Video

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iFunNote combines smart hardware with professional courseware to create a new and intelligent teaching method for music. By connecting the smart devices, students can use an interactive smart APP with the classroom teaching mode, following the teacher's guidance, video explanations, and cartoons to interact. This process can help them easily master basic music knowledge, gradually develop their musical potential, and help the children fall in love with piano music. 

Eight Highlights of iFunNote 

Smart APP

Based on the Internet and smart technology integration, scientific analysis, smart judgment, and precise teaching


Systematic teaching

The cloud systematically integrates class management, course management, and APP teaching 


Professional lessons

Based on the professional American National Standards for Music Education and the John Thompson Piano Courses


Smart evaluation

The smart system promptly shares the children's learning results, analysis, and teachers' suggestions to parents


Fun animation

Vivid and interesting characters and scenes make it easy for children to understand and remember 


Potential development

Includes language ability, mathematical logic, visual space, body movement, music rhythm, interpersonal relationships, etc.


TPR method

Total physical response (TPR) connects music with physical movement, enhancing understanding of music


Special keyboard

Specially designed for children to avoid excessive joint trauma and damage to children's finger bone development

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