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Join Dadi iFunNote 

Learn how iFunNote reinterprets piano teaching, powered by SMART AI technologies.

Offer your expertise to kids with our AI iFunNote anytime and anywhere.

Playing Piano

How We Work Together  

Help students learn piano in a SMART way as an iFunNote Partner

Play a crucial role in promoting students’ learning through advanced technologies, and helping them learn musical literacy with joy.

Help teachers learn quickly:

  • 3-4 hours of short-term training

  • Comprehensive teaching resources for learning

  • Cloud-based APP course preparation and participation

Help students learn easily:

  • Fun musical literacy to enhance students’ interest

  • Group competition to promote their passion

  • SMART correction function to give clear guidance

A partnership helps you grow faster

Whether you’re a music teacher or kindergarten manager, Dadi Education equips you with the SMART tools and resources you need.

Earn more revenue

Leveraging the SMART courses, you can have more students at one time, and teach students systematically and smartly. In return, more students will come to your class.

Expand your business

Besides the traditional piano teaching method, you can either launch the new program or expand to group classes in teaching piano, smartly.  

Keep pace with SMART Tech

The program offers a comprehensive learning portal with professional courses and guides, helping you to learn cutting-edge tools and teach students with SMART tech.  

Join Dadi iFunNote Partner Program

Please get in touch with us, if you want to join our iFunNote Partner Program.

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