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Joyful & Easy

Our classes focus on whole-brain thinking and learning, a proven approach that helps children enjoy and excel at learning Mandarin and others. By strategically integrating movement, art, music, and dance into our classes, we help children take advantage of a variety of mindsets to learn in a happy environment. 

Our philosophy is dedicated to making learning both joyful and engaging, while keeping children enthused and confident. Over the years, we have gained widespread recognition for our innovative and supportive approach to teaching Mandarin and other skills.

From here, learning is joyful and easy.

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Mandarin Chinese 

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Our Mandarin classes integrate the essence of the Chinese character, "永 Yong”, and focus on whole-brain thinking and learning, available for students from 12 months to 15-year-old, and entail training courses for the KPCC & GAPSK certificates. 


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Our Art classes provide classical Chinese dance courses for children 3-18 years old, as well as dance courses for adults, and painting and handcraft courses for kids. They are not just art classes, but a cultural, enlightening, and creative learning progress.

Chinese Culture

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Our Chinese Culture classes offer Go (weiqi, an ancient Chinese board game) courses to enlighten children, improve cognitive functions, and enhance emotional control.

Camp Course

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Our camp classes offer a range of programs, from Mandarin and arts to STEM and sports, enabling children to take the best advantage of their school breaks and inspire their ideas in a setting of joyful education.


Playing Piano

Our STEAM classes use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics as access points to inspire your children to savor joyful learning, while guiding them in inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

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