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Dadi Education was founded by DADI Pre-school Education Institution (DADI), a large-scale early childhood educational institution in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 2016, Dadi Education has become a comprehensive professional educational institution that teaches Mandarin, arts, Chinese Go games, classical Chinese dance, and other courses. We are committed to providing joyful, innovative, and interactive educational programs for infants and students in kindergarten, primary, and middle schools, inspiring their potential and empowering them to realize their dreams.

At present, Dadi Education has two campuses, including Dadi Mandarin Central campus, Dadi Mandarin One Island South and Otto2 by Dadi Mandarin in One Island South campus.

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Our Culture

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Our “Yong” Story

Adhering to the essence of the Chinese character, "Yong", Dadi Education actively promotes Chinese education. "Yongzi Bafa”, or the eight principles of “Yong 永”, contains the eight common strokes in the regular script of Chinese calligraphy. According to legend, Wang Xizhi, the great calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, spent several years practicing writing "Yong". He believed that if you write the word properly, all Chinese characters can be written well.

We hope that the character, “Yong", will open up a unique Chinese world full of culture and joy in students' education.

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Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to making learning both joyful and engaging, while keeping children enthused and confident. Over the years, we have gained widespread recognition from parents and society for our innovative and supportive approach to teaching Mandarin and other skills.

We know many children feel anxious about learning a second language, so our teachers have developed many skills to keep them feeling safe, secure, relaxed, and ready to learn.

From here, learning is joyful and easy.

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Our Approach

Our classes focus on whole-brain thinking and learning, a proven approach that helps children enjoy and excel at learning Mandarin and other skills. By strategically integrating movement, art, music, and dance into our classes, we help children develop a variety of mindsets to learn and grow in a happy environment. 

In addition, our innovative classes help children significantly improve their Mandarin and other Chinese skills by stimulating their imaginations. 

In short, our experienced teachers take learning off the page and translate it into joyful and innovative programs.

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Vision & Mission 

  • Help more people love Chinese

  • Empower students to realize their dreams

Our History

Dadi Education was founded by DADI Pre-school Education Institution (DADI), which is a large-scale early childhood educational institution in Taiwan. Since the first kindergarten was established in Taiwan in 1985, it has successfully launched over 500 kindergartens and educational centres in Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Malaysia. DADI was successfully listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2015.

DADI has always stayed current with the latest trends and cooperated with many well-known educational institutions globally. Aiming to cultivate children with an international perspective, DADI has introduced global, high-quality online educational programs, including ABCmouse, Reading IQ, Adventure Academy, and iFunNote.

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Our Team

Love. Expertise. Passion.

Our Awards

As a professional education institution, we have earned many prestigious awards and vast recognition for our outstanding achievements, as well as for our innovative and scientific educational approach.

We have become one of the most well-known leaders in early childhood education.  We successively won the "2021 Comprehensive Brand in Children's Education", "2020 Brand Influential Institution in Children's Education", "2019 Word-of-mouth Influential Institution in Children's Education", "2017 Famous Education Brand", and "Best Leading Brand", "China's Top Ten Children's Education Brands", and "Most Influential Children's Education Brand".

Meanwhile, Dadi Education has cultivated a large number of outstanding children in Hong Kong and helped them win over one hundred awards and certificates, contributing to their healthy growth and empowering them to realize their dreams.

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