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Art Class

Our art classes provide traditional Chinese dance courses for children 3-to-18 years old, dance courses for adults, and painting and handcraft courses for kids. They are not just art classes, but a cultural, enlightening, and creative learning progress.


Examination Dance Class Grade 1-13

The class provides the complete set of Chinese dance exam courses developed by the Chinese Dance Grade Examination Course of Beijing Dance Academy, China's top dance-teaching professional organization. It includes training in basic Chinese dance skills, body coordination and flexibility, joint flexibility, music rhythm, and choreographed dance phrases. Exams are held twice a year, in March/April and October/November.

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Physical Fitness Dance Class

The pressure of life and study is very high, leading to many health risks, such as bloated bodies, hunched backs, fat tummies, and slender and weak limbs. This class helps to avoid these issues by combining dance and music to soften the body, strengthen muscles, and build healthy and supple bodies.

Girls in Painting Class


Painting & Handcraft Class

Childhood is the period when one's creativity is at its peak. Every child loves to unleash their creativity through drawing and other artistic works. The class offers a range of art courses designed for creative development, such as drawing, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic painting, crafts, and industrial design sketching.

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