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Reliving History: Travel Back in Time - Dadi Education's Open Day

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to step back in time and experience the charm of ancient China? Well, on September 23, Dadi Education Central Campus in Hong Kong took kids on an enchanting journey to the past during our "Travel Back in Time" Open Day event. It was a day filled with fun, adventure, and exploration as young minds embarked on a captivating journey through history.

Immersing in Ancient China

Our "Travel Back in Time" Open Day was designed to give children a taste of the rich cultural heritage of ancient China. From the moment they stepped onto our campus, they were greeted by a world transformed into a tapestry of history and tradition. The air was filled with excitement as they donned traditional Chinese attire and were transported to a bygone era.

Exploring Traditional Arts

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in traditional Chinese arts. They had a chance to try their hand at ink fan design, creating beautiful calligraphy, and exploring the intricacies of traditional Chinese painting. The young artists expressed themselves through their creations, and it was a joy to witness their creativity at work.

Games and Performances

What's a journey to the past without some traditional games and performances? Children had a blast participating in activities like pitching-pot and archery, getting a taste of the leisurely pastimes of ancient China. The atmosphere was further enlivened by captivating performances, including Tang poetry recitations, Han and Tang dances, and recitals of ancient poems. It was a true celebration of China's rich cultural heritage.

A Glimpse into the Past

The "Travel Back in Time" Open Day wasn't just about having fun; it was also an educational experience. Children got to glimpse into the past and learn about the customs, traditions, and values that shaped ancient China. It was a unique opportunity for them to appreciate the beauty of their cultural roots.

Bringing History to Life

At Dadi Education, we believe that learning is most effective when it's fun and engaging. Our "Travel Back in Time" Open Day was a testament to this philosophy. By bringing history to life and allowing children to experience it firsthand, we ignited their curiosity and passion for learning.

Join Us on the Journey

If you missed out on our "Travel Back in Time" Open Day, don't worry! At Dadi Education, we're committed to providing enriching experiences that combine learning and fun. Keep an eye out for our future events and activities, and join us on a journey of exploration and discovery. Together, we'll continue to inspire young minds and create lasting memories.

At Dadi Education, we don't just teach; we inspire. We invite you to embark on this educational journey with us and watch your child's curiosity and creativity soar. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures ahead!

Developed for Dadi Education and written by Union Communications.


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