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Top 5 tips to learn Mandarin

We all have heard the phrase that ‘consistency is the key to success.’ It could be applied to learning simple tasks to activities such as dancing, singing and drawing. Each of these skills requires regular practice. Can these skills be developed overnight? Unfortunately, the answer is no. It takes time and perseverance to hone any skill.

The same goes with learning Mandarin, it all depends on the time spent to develop the skill. Scheduling some time to learn and practice in your everyday routine with your kids is the best strategy to adapt to a new language. Here are some fun tips that will make learning Mandarin easier for your child!

Learning Mandarin as a family

Taking Mandarin lessons with younger ones is a great way to keep them interested in learning. Children often lose interest while studying alone, having somebody especially a parent share the experience enables children to be able to stay focused and absorb more knowledge. You can also turn your family time into Mandarin learning time to get your kids involved mindfully.

Try reading Mandarin books

Children absorb information better through visual representations. Having story time whilst reading children’s books in Mandarin serves to give you and your child family time but also time to learn Mandarin. Reading aloud will also help improve pronunciation and speaking skills. At Dadi Mandarin, our teachers encourage students to read as it not only improves Mandarin speaking skills but also helps to boost confidence whilst reading.

Watch Mandarin cartoons

We all are in a digital era where traditional learning techniques are gradually fading away. Technology such as televisions, laptops and tablets. have become an essential part of our lives. Make use of this technology by allowing children to watch cartoons in Mandarin as almost every child loves watching cartoons and TV shows and use this as a fun tool to help learn Mandarin.

Make learning Mandarin a priority

Learning is a consistent process, sticking to a proper schedule helps to speed up this process. It is important to prioritise learning this new language, set a proper schedule and motivate your kids to follow it. Taking the first step always seems difficult but it gets easier as we practice. You can start with a 30-minute session with your kid and gradually go up to 40-50 minutes. Every child has different learning capabilities, give your child the freedom to learn the new language at their own pace.

Learning with fun-filled activities

Learning Mandarin doesn’t have to be hard or boring. There are so many fun-filled activities that make it easier to learn the language. Having fun while learning also helps kids to retain information better because of the fun memories associated to learning. A holistic approach to learning also promotes the overall well-being of a child. At Dadi Mandarin, we make sure that we incorporate “play” activities into the programme so that your child remains engaged and enjoys learning Mandarin.

We are here to help your child develop effective Mandarin-speaking, writing and reading skills. Book a trial class now!


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