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Importance of learning Mandarin

Standard Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Singapore, and one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations! Moreover, Mandarin is the second most spoken language in the world after English, with an impressive 1.3 billion speakers. Chinese is often considered a difficult language for English speakers to learn. It is also known as the most difficult language in the world. It’s becoming increasingly common for English speakers to learn Chinese. Let us look at the importance of learning Mandarin:

Helps understand Chinese culture

In an increasingly globalizing world, it is important to have knowledge about other cultures and expand horizons. If you live in China and aren’t familiar with the local culture and customs, you must go ahead and motivate your children to learn Mandarin to get through the daily routine without facing any problems. Chinese culture is known as the oldest existing culture in the world. By learning this language an individual gains deeper insights into a unique philosophy and way of thinking.

Enhances interpretation of symbols in kids

Mandarin Chinese is an intriguing language. For example, did you know that Mandarin Chinese characters are built by putting together different radicals which are themselves free-standing words, depicting what they represent? Learners of Mandarin Chinese have to interpret and gauge a vast number of symbols which helps kids to develop visual sense and communication. This language is unlike any other language that people may have learned. Not only is the writing completely different, but the structure is too. There are no plurals and no conjugations in Mandarin Chinese, so the grammar is easy.

Multilingual skills make children highly adaptive

Younger ones don’t face many challenges while learning new things. Different languages help kids to be more adaptive and receptive to learning. Being multilingual also plays an important role in standing out of the crowd. Having an additional language on the CV helps in bagging great career opportunities. It is particularly important in the field of international business and international affairs.

Helps improve eye-hand coordination

We arrange various games and activities for kids to improve their eye-hand coordination. It is known to be the coordinated control of the eyes with the hands. Mandarin Chinese is a great way to improve coordination as well as visual inputs as it requires brush or pen strokes in multiple directions, with different hand pressure.

We believe one of the most crucial reasons to learn Mandarin relates to how China is a rapidly emerging global superpower. According to the World Bank, China will soon replace the United States as the largest national economy in the world. Trade, manufacturing, commerce, investment, and exchange of ideas have increased China’s global influence.

The road to learning Mandarin might seem a little difficult but we are here to help your child in every manner. Enroll your kid for a trial class now!


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