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5 Benefits of Children Learning Chinese Traditional Culture

With the deepening development of globalization, understanding and respecting multiculturalism are gradually being emphasized. For children, learning Chinese traditional culture not only enriches their knowledge horizon, but also helps cultivate their values and skills. Particularly, learning about the Han and Tang dynasties allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the profound heritage of Chinese civilization.

We summarize five benefits of learning Chinese traditional culture:

  • Improving cognitive abilities: Learning about Chinese traditional cultures can enrich children's knowledge and enhance their cognitive skills. Particularly, the Han and Tang periods are two peaks of Chinese civilization, filled with rich history and art. For example, the formation and evolution of Chinese characters is an important learning point. From Oracle bone script to Seal script, Clerical script, and then to Regular script, children can understand the evolution process of Chinese characters. What's more, they can have a deeper understanding of the origin of characters, thereby enhancing their memory and understanding.

  • Cultivating values: The Han and Tang cultures embody important Chinese traditional moral values and humanities, such as benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and integrity. These values are of great help in shaping children's character. Through learning and experiencing these cultures, children can learn respect, fairness, and care for others.

  • Enhancing creativity: The arts in Han and Tang cultures, such as painting, calligraphy, music, dance, etc., can stimulate children's creativity and imagination. By creating or imitating these artworks, children can develop unique visual and auditory talents, while also training their hand-eye coordination and focus.

  • Improving communication skills: Through learning and appreciating Han and Tang poetry, children can acquire rich language expression abilities and communication skills. For example, the Tang poem "Quiet Night Thought" by Li Bai, is a simple and touching poem that expresses the poet's homesickness. The poem's content is simple, easy to understand, and emotionally rich, which is suitable for children to learn and recite. By learning such poetry, children can learn how to express their feelings and ideas with beautiful and moving language, and they can also better understand other people's feelings and views.

  • Understanding globalization: In the context of globalization, learning about the Han and Tang cultures can help children better understand and appreciate multiculturalism. By understanding the cultural exchanges and influences during the Han and Tang periods, such as the introduction of Buddhism and the opening of the Silk Road, children can understand the blending and interaction of different cultures, and experience the profound impact of globalization.

With such benefits, Dadi Education Central Campus customizes the "Travel Back in Time" open day event, which will be held on September 23. We invite you and your children to travel through time together and explore the magnificent culture of the Han and Tang dynasties! We will jointly experience the rich traditions, arts, and customs of these two extraordinary eras in Chinese history. Participants dressed in Han or Tang costumes have the chance to win the Best Costume Award! Children can also immerse themselves in our ink fan design and creative calligraphy workshops to feel the unique charm of the cultures. In addition, we have traditional games such as pitch-pot and archery, and performances such as Tang poetry recitation, Han and Tang dances, and ancient poem singing, for your children to fully experience and enjoy the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Through this event, children will not only be able to experience the magnificence of the Han and Tang cultures, but will also get a deep understanding of the rich diversity of Chinese traditional culture. It can greatly benefit their overall development. Let's join hands together to nourish children's minds with the power of culture and lead them toward a broader future!

For event details, please contact us on WhatsApp +852-6872 0894.

Developed for Dadi Education and written by Union Communications.


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